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Designing Your Home Interior: Blunders to Avoid

The interior design of your home sets the general feeling of the place. It affects the mood of the people living in the house and the guests who come in. The interior design also increases the value of your property. That is why it is imperative to pay close attention to your house’s decor.  To create a good mood and increase your home’s aesthetic value, here are some interior design mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Too many furnishings and decorations

Too many decor pieces in a room create a condition of disorder. They transform the house into a jumble of things. They create a cluttered look and make your house look disorganized. Use only a few items that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

5. Hanging the art pieces too high

Some people hang their art pieces too high to show them off. Art pieces should be hung at eye level. They should be placed in a subtle location or less prominent place to attract attention quietly. If you’re looking for professionals in interior design, there are experts in Utah. You may check your directory for assistance.

2. Using matching furniture sets

Matching furniture sets are dull and monotonous. It lacks character. Use decor that creates a lively and warm atmosphere. You can pick items that reflect your personality and style. Likewise, you can mix and match different brands to come up with a unique style. But make sure that those pieces set the tone of the interior design.

3. Placing dark and bulky furniture in a small room

Dark and bulky furniture makes a small room congested. It makes you feel confined and restricted. For a small space, go for lighter furniture and fabric. Choose couches and curtains in lightweight fabric. Light-reflecting colors, such as pale yellow, white, and a combination of brown and gray, are good choices for a small room.

4. Hanging the curtains too low

Hanging curtains above the window frame doesn’t have any effect on the overall interior of the room. On the other hand, hanging them high up to the ceiling makes the window taller and bigger. To create an illusion of a taller window, hang curtains four to six inches above the window frame. In addition, make sure that your curtains touch the floor.

6. Fixtures of the same size

If the fixtures are all big or all small, the room looks disorganized. Using oversized or undersized furniture creates a topsy-turvy effect. There should be scale and proportion when designing your room. To avoid this mistake, measure your room and mark the exact space where you want to place the furniture.  When purchasing furniture, bear in mind that interior design should be a combination of shapes, colors, height, and width.

7. Inappropriate rug size

Different rolled rugs A rug that is too big is imposing, while a rug that is too small is hardly noticeable. If you have a big room, put your rug in the center with all your furniture on it. If you have a small room, put a small rug directly underneath the coffee table. A rug that is eight by 10 feet is appropriate for a living room, while four by six best fits a bedroom. Good interior design helps create a homey and functional room, while a poorly designed house looks messy and disorganized. If you want to update your home’s interior design, make sure not to commit these common mistakes. Use items that give texture, color, and style to your home. Better still, hire a professional to give your home a total lift.
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