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The Australian Government Is Implementing Leftist Policies

Social justice warriors, abject political correctness, and Leftist ideology are changing the face of Australian society. Even the government is adapting inane policies to satisfy the demands of the unreasonable Left.

Silencing Differing Opinions

Leftists and their allies at the media will do anything to silence differing opinions. Right-wing personalities or even Left-wing personalities will be smeared on the basis that their ideas that don’t coincide with the radical Left are dangerous and promote violence. School venues have been shut down, and speakers have been told they are unwelcome on the day before their talk. Never mind that the Leftist protestors are the ones committing violence. Their media allies will paint anyone who doesn’t agree with the radical Left as a white supremacist, bigot, transphobe, racist, or some other disparaging label. The Red Pill Movie, made by US feminist Cassie Jaye, was banned simply because it was about the plight of men in modern society. A film that shows how men had it worse than women, especially one made by a feminist, cannot be shown as it doesn’t coincide with the Feminist and Leftist narrative.

Demonizing Men

demonizing men Today is a bad day to be a man. Men — especially white men — are demonized continuously in campuses and the media. Feminist used to be about equality. Now it is about bringing down the patriarchy and taking power. Issues like the gender pay gap, the pink tax, and rape culture are some of their favorite talking points. Never mind the fact that all these points have been debunked time and time again. If you are a man and you have a measure of success, it’s your male privilege. If you debate a woman’s point, you are mansplaining. If you somehow believe that men are not women and that there are apparent differences between the sexes, you are a transphobe and deserve to be fired from your job. Every cult needs an ever-present threat or enemy, and for Leftists, it’s men.

Political Correctness No Matter the Cost

Very few people have stood up against political correctness in Australia. Former Australian Liberty Alliance and now Yellow Vest Australia (named after the safety vests of French protestors) did stand up to Islam, but major political parties want to keep their hands clean. The government is even acquiescing to the demands of Leftist groups, pushing policies that favor appearance over logic. These policies include requiring more women in the military as well as fire and rescue services. Never mind that fewer women apply for these jobs (making the talent pool smaller) and that men are generally stronger and more suitable for these jobs. The government is also pushing for more transgender athletes to be included in sports even if this will harm actual women. Australian comedy is dead, Australian values of free will and free speech are dying, and Australian culture — if the Leftists have their way — will soon be replaced by an oppression Olympics, where the winners are those who complain and whine the most.
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