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Three Problems Most Truck Drivers Face in Their Job

Traversing the highways of the country poses a lot of risks to truck drivers. Some of these can be avoided, but sometimes despite all efforts, they still happen and cause delays in their job. Anything can happen on the road. The only thing that truck drivers have control of is their own vehicles, their health, and driving conditions. The road, other motorists, and the weather are simply out of their control. Here are some of the common problems that truck drivers experience in their jobs.

Drunk Driving

The government has ordered mandatory alcohol and drug tests for all commercial truckers to help curb the problems related to drunk driving. But still, some drunk truckers and motorists hit the road despite their condition. A driver who has a problem with alcohol use should seriously consider getting help from health professionals. This is a serious crime regardless of the vehicle that a motorist operates. It can cause fatal accidents when intoxicated drivers can no longer drive efficiently. Finding a truck labor attorney in Washington is one of the first things a driver must do after getting involved in an accident and being slapped with a legal case. Victims of drunk trucking accidents may seek financial compensation for injuries and damages. In most cases, the trucking company holds their drivers accountable for their actions.

Road Accidents and Closures

The truck lies in a ditch after the road accidentThe road is a truckers’ workplace and anything that happens there are simply beyond their control. When there are accidents or closures due to road repairs and other vehicle breakdowns, it can take some time to pass through and cause a delay in the delivery of the goods. When this happens during peak traffic time in the city center or a busy interstate, drivers need to wait for some time until the road is cleared for them to pass through. The use of GPS systems and traffic apps that notify them about road traffic updates can provide truckers with road situations and conditions early on. It will also help find alternate routes before their vehicle gets caught up in traffic congestion.

Driving Time Schedules

Truck labor policies limit a trucker’s driving time to no more than 11 hours per day, and their total working hours should be a maximum of 14 hours a day. There is also a mandatory 30-minute break when driving for eight hours straight. After completing the maximum driving time, truckers are required to shut down and be in the sleeper to take rest for the next 10 hours. Most truckers find it hard to schedule these mandatory hours for their travels. New truck drivers should seek fellow truckers’ advice when it comes to dealing with different problems that they might experience on the road. It is best to plan the trip and consider the time of picking up and dropping off loads, and factor these schedules into the driving time allotment. Planning ahead can help fix a trucker’s schedule and make scheduling less of a hassle when they are aware of the stop and go points and time.
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