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4 Ways Mirrors Make an Excellent Design Tool

bathroom designed with mirrorsMirrors have properties that make them excellent design solutions. In fact, many interior designers and even artists incorporate mirror in their work. Here’s a closer look at mirrors as a design feature that transforms spaces.

Create an Illusion of Space

One of the best benefits of using a mirror is it makes a space appear wider. It creates an illusion that transforms small spaces into something larger. In small bedrooms, for instance, floor-to-ceiling mirror panels work very well. The reflection of the floor and ceiling will make the room appear more spacious.

An Artwork in Itself

Mirror, in itself, is an art that would have everyone stop to appreciate. You can place it in your home’s entryway, in a narrow hallway, above your fireplace, on your backsplash and perhaps anywhere that needs a neat, functional accent. You can frame, layer or shape them according to your style preferences. Many providers of mirrors in Auckland offer versatile installation services to suit the unique style demands of their customers.

Conceal What Needs to be Concealed

In functional rooms such as a busy kitchen, there are areas, corners and fixtures you wish to be hidden. The perfect solution to this is a sliding mirrored door. It can efficiently conceal an ugly area such as a messy storage, and open it when you need access. When not in use, the area simply camouflages into an interesting mirror wall.

Set the Ambience

Mirror can do wonders to a room or even to a commercial space when incorporated with the right kind of lighting. It can enhance the ambience to influence the mood of the people. The reflective property of mirrors will not only magnify the lighting effect, but also create a decorative effect and establish a calm and warm mood. You see, mirrors could be the most versatile design tool. With a little bit of creativity, sense of functionality, and with the help of professional glazers and installers, you can give your property a style upgrade with mirrors.
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