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What Makes a Classroom More Welcoming and Less Stressful

Students learning in class and less stressfulSchools are like makeshift homes for children. In the classroom, their teachers are like their parents, watching over their actions and teaching them how to correct their wrongs. However, it is not up to only the teachers to make the environment welcoming and conducive to children. Here are some of the factors that also contribute to children’s learning:

Comfortable rooms

Their classroom should not be limiting, and neither should it be uncomfortable. Ventilation can be a problem if there are too many students in one room. Their discomfort, along with the feeling of being cramped, can cause them be distracted, which means they will have a hard time absorbing the lessons. Office Line and other educational furniture suppliers say classrooms should have comfortable chairs fitted to the average height of students and with enough room for them to move around.

Quality relationships

Teachers care for students, but they may not be aware that they care for some more than others. Awareness of how they are treating each child individually helps them improve their approach to teaching and dealing with each student fairly. Some students may require more time and attention than others, and teachers need to realise this to prevent burnout. When teachers and students have a quality relationship, children do not view the classroom as a hostile environment, which means they are more open to learning.

Effective curriculum

Of course, the curriculum plays a part in making a classroom less prison-like. Plenty of thought should be put into the chosen to learn materials to check that they are suited for the age of the child. Tests should also cover various lessons and test knowledge, not just the capacity of a child to memorise information from a book. Thankfully, the Australian government has a curriculum from which schools can model their teaching lessons. The classroom can be hostile or welcoming, depending on how certain factors interact. There is no insignificant factor when it comes to classroom comfort.
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