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Typography Blunders You Should Avoid

A printing machineWhen a print gets a huge amount of attention, most people focus on its design – and little else. People often ignore the importance of typography and its contributions to the overall design when getting printing services in Australia. It might look simple, but it is still possible to get it wrong, which can lead to confusion and failure to convey the right emotions. So, if you want to get your message across without the slipups, learn to identify some of the mistakes below and use this article as a guide when doing a design.

It is too crowded

When you are short on space, you tend to make the spaces between the letters too tight and call it good. The problem is, when the letters are too close to each other, it significantly reduces readability and makes the overall design look congested.

You scale it inappropriately

Typographers spend tons of hours playing with strokes and swatches that make up the sans serifs and serifs they come up with. If you are scaling letters manually, it distorts letters, giving them an unusual shape. Try to play with tracking and kerning, or just use a bigger font weight.

You are using too many typefaces

Some print designs require multiple typefaces, but the majority do not. They only require two to three fonts to match the overall design. Too many typefaces can make your print look sloppy rather than well thought out. Look at some of the most popular websites to see the typefaces used and try to create your own. It requires trial and error to get this right so do not be afraid to experiment with fonts. Much more than just arranging fonts to match the design’s background, typography is a vital part of your print design. It has the ability to convey a powerful message. Depending on the design, typography can also alter the tone of the print – from serious to playful.
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