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Types of Deadbolts for Front Doors

Man installing the single cylinder deadboltWith the ever-increasing crime rates today, ensuring the safety of your properties and possessions is of paramount concern. For one, you need to make sure that the front door of your home is always secured, and that no one could break in. The safest and most cost-efficient security system that you can rely on is deadbolt locks. Deadbolts have a metal bolt that glides into the door jamb. A latch in the door and keyhole controls the bolt. Proper installation of your deadbolt by professional locksmiths in Auckland is essential to secure your property. Here are the different categories of deadbolts you can select for your front door:

Single cylinder

This is the most common type of deadbolt in the market. It has a keyhole on the exterior side and a fixed thumb turn on the interior. This is suitable for solid metal and wooden doors. Security will be compromised if it is used on doors with attached windows.

Double cylinder

This deadbolt has key cylinders on both sides and has no thumb turn. You need a key on the inside and outside to unlock it. Also, called a captured key deadbolt, it can be used on doors with windows or some form of glass panes on them. To cater for a safe exit during emergencies, it is prudent to always leave a key in the interior lock when the house is occupied.

Keyless electronic

This can be opened with or without a key. You can program the lock to create a custom code for unlocking and locking the door. It is the perfect solution if you are worried about losing your keys. This deadbolt is costly, but the security it offers is worth the expense. Before buying a deadbolt, ask a locksmith for advice because some mass-produced locks are susceptible to lock bumping.
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