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What Do You Mean: Project and Work-related Things a Copywriter Says

Copywriter On a daily basis, 99.9% of freelance writers flatter their prospective clients to get the gig or project-based job. They say all the pleasing things a client wants to hear. However, if you’re someone looking for a freelance article writing service, you know too well that you can’t just say yes to anybody who sounds legit. It’s important to actually scrutinize the character, values, and work attitude of a remote employee — especially for non-contract freelancers. There’s always the possibility of non-compliance, and you don’t want that. For your protection, here’s a list of truths you should hear from them before you say yes.

Your Project is Not Unique

With a billion websites out there, the chances of your online business being totally unique are almost zero. So, if the proposal of a freelance writer says your project is unique, they’re just making you think it should cost more.

Here’s My Quote

While this may sound intimidating, a freelance writer who directly states their quote out in the open is proud, but great. You can rely on them to actually perform the job. On the other hand, if someone asks for your quote first, they might be tiptoeing and don’t know the quality their own work.

I Work as a Cook (or Any Other Unrelated Work) for My Day Job

If you’re a stickler for background, such as requiring an English literature degree, no freelance writer will measure up to your standards. You see, freelance writing isn’t about perfect English, but communicating in such a way that gives results. Would you say all comedians who get you to laugh are masters in psychology?

Your Turnaround Time is My Turnaround Time

Most subpar freelance writers have this selfish sense of time management that only works for them. Despite being a freelancer, all employees should match your organization’s goals. If a freelance writer asks for an extended time, it means he or she isn’t skilled enough to work for you in the first place. When it comes to hiring a freelance writer, there are two things to keep in mind: you’re still the boss and they’re the employees. Their service should fit your requirement and not the other way around.
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