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The 4 Perks of Dating a Tennis Player or Enthusiast

Tennis If you want to date a tennis fan, then go ahead and make that move. Other than being smitten, there are many advantages to dating a tennis enthusiast. Here are some of them:

The Tickets

You may know where to buy those AUS open tennis tickets online but your date will know which ones are worth going to. Dating a tennis enthusiast immediately gives you inside information on who matters in the tennis circuit and what matches are worth watching. You, therefore, get to choose quality games and tickets.

The Tan

Imagine having to sport a tan without going to the beach. If you are dating a tennis enthusiast, then you would definitely need to take the time to the courts either to watch your date play or play along with them. No matter how much you use sunscreen, you would still eventually sport a tan just because it’s fun to watch and/or play with him/her.

The Fitness

Tennis players have well-toned and athletic bodies that can catch most people’s attention as they walk by. Imagine how attractive their bodies look in their tennis garb. If you start joining your partner while playing their favoured sport, you would most likely end up with a body as fit as theirs. The more you date, the better you would both look.

The Clubs

Most tennis players have a standing club membership that allows them to bring in a guest for free. This gives you a chance to enjoy the luxury of sports club memberships without having to pay the annual dues. However, this is simply a bonus as the real reason for you being in the club is the one you are with. In the end, the true advantage of dating a tennis player is being with someone healthy and beautiful. After all, the sport they choose comes without all drama, anger or heated discussions connected with baseball, basketball or football. Generally, expect a paced relationship based on hard work and patience from a tennis enthusiast.
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