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Here’s How to Own Your On-Camera Stint

On-Camera Stint for Video MarketingVideo marketing is all about production value. But, if you think the term is all about solid camera angles, great sound, and seamless editing, you’re wrong. There’s much more to production values than just mere technicalities. Denver web video production professionals would agree. Case in point: human involvement in your videos. Whether as an actor or a host, someone’s likely to take part in telling your story. Let’s say that you’ll be hosting a specific video segment. But, you’re too anxious in front of a camera. Don’t worry; it’s easy to make your camera stint your own.

Repetition And Priorities

YouTube personality and career public speaker TJ Walker offers important insights. Walker churns out video after video, posts it on YouTube and all of his other sites, and makes it look like it’s nothing. How does he do it? Walker prides himself for years of TV talk show hosting experience. That, of course, points to practice. Lastly, he claims that on-camera personalities must only focus on what’s interesting. A web marketing video is supposed to have something that viewers must find interesting. Focusing on these factors—insightful and useful ideas that customers may want—can help alleviate on-cam stress. It’s easy to understand why: you’re focusing not on yourself, but on something else. Divert people to what they’re really looking for and not what they see.


This concept plays a major part, especially if you’re recording yourself. Looking at an inanimate object can make you feel uneasy. One trick you can try is giving the camera a name, or rather, pretend you’re talking to someone you know. Remember to be specific about who to talk to (in the camera’s place), making you less self-conscious.

Dress to Impress

Who’s to say that clothes don’t make the man (or woman)? Being comfortable in front of the camera lies in feeling comfortable about yourself. What matters most is that you have to stop being self-critical. If you’re not happy with what you see on-camera, dress up nicely. It’s one of the best ways to gain self-confidence in an instant. Wear something that stands for the message you’re trying to convey, and everything will take care of itself.
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