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The Single Parent’s Guide to Reducing Home Noise and Its Effects on Children

Noise is a common occurrence nowadays, especially in the city where everything is moving and busy. Children often have more sensitive ears than adults do, and because of it, they’re also more affected by what they hear every day. In fact, there are studies that prove that it negatively affects their mental state as well as their ability to learn. As a parent, you wouldn’t want that, would you? Thankfully, you can help reduce noise in the home as well as help lower its effects on your child.

Seek quiet spots

One of the ways you can reduce the effects of noise on your kid is to find or create a quiet spot where you can calm yourselves. A good example would be a secret garden-type corner in your lawn made with the help of palletized landscaping rock delivery services in Utah. You can also put up a small tent and some cushions in one of your rooms and make it your quiet spot. Enjoy doing silent activities together, such as drawing, coloring, or even reading and writing.

Lower your voice

You might not know it, but sometimes, you’re the source of the noise that affects your child the most. It can be hard to keep in control of your anger and the volume of your voice when you’re stressed, but shouting is not a solution. In fact, it can affect not only your kid but also your relationship with them as well. A better alternative would be to say things with firmness and authority in your tone instead. Giving them warnings in this manner will often be enough to let them know that you mean business.

Play one song at a time

Playing music can help us concentrate on what we are doing, especially if it’s mostly or fully instrumental. However, if every person in the house is playing a different song out loud, then it’s no use even when they’re all classical music pieces. It’ll all end up being noise. If you’re going to play music, just stick to one song at a time, preferably something that everyone will enjoy and appreciate.

Consider noise-free upgrades

mother hugging her child If you’ve been around electronic equipment, devices, and appliances much, then you would know that a number of them create some noise. Did you know that even if it’s not that loud, it can still affect you if you hear it for too long? Because of this, if you can afford it, try getting the more silent models of the appliances that you use often. Many of these are also eco-friendly and energy-efficient, so you’ll reduce not only noise but also your energy consumption and bills. It’s not only your child who will benefit from these actions, but also yourself. Even adults need a break from all the noise once in a while, as too much of it can bring you stress. Start reducing it in the place that you have control over, the home, and notice the peaceful difference that it brings to your life and family.
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