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Making Used Oil Useful and Beneficial to the Community Once Again

Recycling Used Oil in PukekoheWhen petroleum recovery services are called to action, they make sure the available oil to be collected is put to good use. These days, there is a growing interest among local industries and business establishments in the efficient utilisation of used petroleum products. Perhaps, it is due to greater awareness of the negative impact of improper disposal in the community. Needless to say, used motor oil and other petroleum products are finding their way to facilities that process them into products, which can be used again.

Re-refining oil

The processes involved in making used oil as potent and useful as virgin oil are similar to the refining procedures implemented for crude oil. Designated equipment removes water and contaminants so that the resulting product is of high quality. Some of the re-refined used oil finds their way back to the automotive industry as 100 percent viable lubricating oils. Others are immediately utilised in industrial burners, where they play a key role in keeping the fires of industries burning. In some cases, small businesses avail of re-refined used oil for their own usage.

What qualifies as used oil for recycling?

Motor oils used in cars are recyclable. Businesses that utilise a fleet of vehicles and maintain their own transportation fleet now have the prerogative to recycle used oil. By working with companies that offer the relevant service, used oil in designated collection vats and containers can be transported safely to processing centres. There are instances when the oil recovered is not viable for recycling. Petroleum products, which contain hazardous compounds, must be separated from recyclable oil. The same company can collect and dispose them properly, or keep them in storage facilities for safekeeping. When people opt to recycle used motor oil, they are removing a potential pollutant from circulation. They are also conserving a valuable and non-sustainable resource. Collection centres are scattered all across Australia and New Zealand, and it only takes a phone call to get a head start on oil recycling.
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