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Seven Ways to Give your Old Fireplace a Style Makeover

When was the last time you renovated your fireplace? Can’t remember? Then, your good old outdated fireplace could most probably use a style upgrade. Working both as a design feature and a useful fixture, your fireplace deserves to be given a new look. After all those years of giving your home warmth and comfort during chilly winters, it has all the right to undergo a makeover. There are many ways to give your fireplace a fresh and updated look. Here are some tips and ideas for you.

Add Glass Doors

A glass door will give your hearth an instant modern touch. Other than giving the area an additional sophistication, glass doors or enclosure also add a safety layer. This is a great idea if you have kids and pets who are attracted to the bright flames. Installing glass fireplace doors is also an easy task.

Install Antique Surrounds

Give your old fireplace an interesting look by fitting a beautiful surround. Antique fireplace surrounds, for example, will give the area a different personality. Go for European-style surrounds with wonderful, elaborate designs and patterns to make a statement. This is one way to put a little touch of fancy to your living room and to impress your guests.

Place a Wooden Mantle

Great-looking mantles help draw attention to even the simplest of fireplaces. A wooden mantle, in particular, is a great choice. It has warm tones and natural textures that add to the cozy charm of the area. You can also go for reclaimed wood of different tones to create drama and story to your hearth.

Use Quartzite Tiles

Give your fireplace a fresh frame of quartzite tiles. It will result in a stacked stone look that will give the area a more natural look and feel. If you like a touch of cottage feels to your living room, you’ll never go wrong with this idea. couple enjoying the warmth of their fireplace

Install a Screen

Upgrading your hearth doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, you just need to find a pretty item that will completely change its look and feel. A screen, for example, can accessorize your fireplace and highlight its cozy charm. Other than serving as a design element, the screen is also a functional addition.

German Smear It

There are ways to give your fireplace a makeover while retaining the surrounding bricks. One is to highlight its old world beauty through a German smear treatment. This is a faux antiquing treatment wherein wet mortar is used to give the bricks a distressed look. This is a fast and easy way to give your living area the vibe of those old European houses.

Go Granite

Cracked bricks and aged hearth make your fireplace unsightly and charmless. Give it a luxurious makeover by installing granite slabs on both the hearth and the surrounds. You will surely like the sleek, modern look from the granite slab. You see, there are many ways to give your fireplace the much-needed makeover. You don’t have to build a new one or upgrade to an electric one. With a little creativity, you can turn it into an instant focal point of your interiors and your family’s newest favorite spot.
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