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6 Ways to Incorporate NFC Technology in Your Small Business

The world continues to go wireless, and the workplace has to keep up with it. Making the most of new technology, however, can suck up the finances of any starting entrepreneur. And this is what makes it difficult for startups and small businesses to utilize them. Luckily, the tech world has not fallen short of simple techniques for those who cannot afford expensive gadgets and tools. One such innovation is the Near Field Communication (NFC), a feature that allows information sharing wirelessly. Below are some ways to use it for your small business.

1. Offering Contact Information

Good content is one of the keys to business development. This is why it is essential to leverage the power of online visibility to get your business noticed. Once you have a website and social media accounts, you can purchase NFC tags and load specifications on them. This information will be useful in directing people to where they can find you online. Also, you can share contact information. Once the contact is shared, it is saved automatically in the receiver’s phone book. This can be an ideal way to share information in networking events without involving the use of any material. It allows you to have a paperless business card, and anyone with an enabled device can get the info.

2. Promote your Business

Have promotional posters in your neighbourhood and add NFC tags with more information. For example, you could place your location on Google Maps. Once interested people scan it, they will be directed to the location of your business. You could also add your contact information and website to the tags.

3. File Sharing

You can easily share files on enabled devices using the NFC tags. This is as simple as selecting your desired file and tapping the devices together to share it. In this case, the sharing devices must both have active NFC and Android Beam. Once the file sharing is successful, you will get an audio notification.

4. Mobile Payments

NFC payment method NFC payments are common, especially with Apple, Samsung, and Google Pay. To use this wireless payment, just sign up for the service appropriate for the gadget you are using. Once you are all set, you can use it to make payments using your device. Hold the back close to the terminal and allow for the completion of the transaction. There may be requirements to enter a code or sign a receipt depending on the amount involved. With these, you can now incorporate mobile payments into your business and become a supported retailer to cash in on the technology.

5. Tasks Automation

You can program NFC tags to automate tasks, such as booting your computer or setting a timer or alarm that might be necessary for the office. You can also use them to command your printer and log repetitive tasks, so you do not have to do it manually.

6. Access to Wi-Fi Network

Sharing the office Wi-Fi does not have to be through passwords. Use NFC tags to connect workers and visitors automatically to the office Wi-Fi. They will only need to tap their enabled devices to access the network without you revealing the password. When it comes to using NFC technology for your business, only your imagination is the limit. What’s more, it is easy to program them. Check around your office and see where you can make the most of the same to make things easier.
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