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New Blood is the Life Blood of Your Organization

In any organization, people matter. You can’t just get anybody out in the street to work for you. Anyone who doesn’t think people matter is welcome to build a business empire out of underperformers who produce lackluster results each time. Be it in the military or any industry, a robust organization will be defined by its people. Steve Jobs knew this. The guy who sold us keypad-less mobile phones with a hefty price tag not only expects the best out of his people. He demands it. But people will fail you. As much as you may put faith in them, there could be instances in your organization where people may fail you. And what would you do? In hindsight, Jobs may have the worst experience in hiring people. John Sculley the person he hired to help him lead Apple in the early days was instrumental in getting him out of the company he started. But not before Sculley would scale the company to greater heights. People you hire today could bolt on you. They could leave. That’s telling you that above and beyond, your recruitment team holds the key to growing your business. And that your lifeblood is the new blood you infuse each time.

Steve Jobs: Best Recruiter in the World

When it comes to your company, there’s nothing better than hiring the best employees. Of course, it’s true. Your company is only as good as your people. But the problem is how do you attract the best? How do you entice them to take a look at your company? Most importantly, how would you know who you’re talking to is the right person? That is the job of recruitment. Without proper recruitment, you will not be able to vet people coming to your organization. If you haven’t formed a recruitment team, you could be doing your enterprise a great disservice. Steve Jobs knew this right from the start. It’s the reason why seeing the resume of John Scully Jobs recruited him. Before working as the third CEO of Apple Inc., Scully was making waves as an expert in marketing at PepsiCo. He was the one who introduced the Pepsi Challenge that has played a huge role in gaining market share away from its main rival, Coca-Cola. Steve recruited Scully knowing the PepsiCo executive was “the best”. And he did it so much class Scully can’t afford to say no. The Apple founder made him choose whether he would choose to “sell sugar water” all his life or “change the world” and work for Apple. Indeed, the recruitment bore fruit. When Scully was at the helm of Apple he transformed the company to grow sales, from $800 million to $8 billion. Of course, later on, he clashed with Steve. formal handshake

How You Can Make a Better Recruiting Team

Talking about recruitment, Steve Jobs famously shared that it really doesn’t make sense to get smart people and then to “tell them what to do”. Instead, we should hire smart people so “they can tell us what to do.” Truly, giving you recruitment a timely upgrade should bid you well. A good start is the JD or job description. Give the wannabe applicant a better look at the job. Do this by making the JD more descriptive. Simply put, make the job posting more detailed. And yes, an attention-grabbing title could warrant more looks. The JD by the way is the start of your recruitment process. So make it matter. Then you may want to take a look at the tremendous benefits of recruitment scheduling software. Not only does it allow you to be more productive, but you have also a greater chance of finding better candidates. And do away with nonstarters. Additionally, recruiting is about testing your wannabe employee. So go on ahead, have courage. Look at the technical skills of your applicant. If you’re looking for a programmer then make sure you don’t end the recruitment process without him giving you some codes. If you’re looking for a marketing guy, you may want to test his elevator pitch on your product. Also, make sure you give every candidate a fair chance of landing the job. We mean: Be consistent with not one but all those who seek the position. A hiring scorecard should bid you well and protect you from bias. Recruitment is a key part of your organization’s growth. And you must seek it like you would water when thirsty. Know that even the great Steve Jobs had to contend with unseen repercussions when recruiting. He had a falling out with John Sculley later on when working together. But it’s essential you sharpen your recruitment. When you do, you won’t buckle under pressure when people leave. You’re confident you can always get someone better.
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