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How To Liven Up Your Brand With Your Content

When it comes to business, not all companies are made equal. Or rather, not all companies’ products and services are equal. Many businesses that offer highly significant items such as health supplements, windshield repair, or smoke alarms don’t make for fun topics in a discussion. Others have trivial products, such as collectibles and novelty products, that are trending on social media. Given the differences between the two, it is obvious that unless you position yourself to be a relevant brand, the audience will be attracted to more fun and engaging products. If you belong in an uninteresting industry or your products are unappealing, how do you turn things around? This is where digital marketing comes into play. The way you produce content for your brand will matter a lot. So if you’re sad that your product is perceived as uninteresting, there’s hope.

Tip #1: Get creative with your content offerings.

One of the things that many brands miss when it comes to their digital campaign is the lack of variety and creativity in their content. Most of them are satisfied with the unsatisfactory content, even if it costs them significant coverage and reach. For these folks, their products and services should be enough to speak for themselves. But we all know it’s never enough, especially if you have ho-hum products. One great workaround to fixing this problem is to offer more variety and creativity. Instead of publishing the same old information, news, and updates about your business and industry, you can spice them up by doing things that are least expected of you. Instead of dishing out 100-page medical journals or technical studies, bite-size articles, videos, or infographics can help make it attractive to more people.

Tip #2: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Whoever said that you need to always be serious in all you do? Sure, running a business is a serious matter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t squeeze some fun in. You can make your content fun. You can make it funny. Or you can do both. Why not? Talk with your team and see how you can improve your content’s quality and bring up your engagement rates by injecting some fun and humorous elements into your materials. Think about the things that would tickle your audience without throwing them off. Still maintain a certain degree of style and class. Just because you’re putting in some laughs doesn’t mean that you should lose your integrity and credibility. Find a healthy balance and play within those parameters. Word to the wise: if you’re coming from a somber background, we recommend making the transition gradually. Make slight changes to your content’s voice until you get to the point that both you and your audience are comfortable with the humor and fun. working on laptop

Tip #3: Hook up with the fun people.

Like begets like. If you want to project fun and wit, you need to associate yourself with naturally funny and witty people. But not only that, but you can also partner with other companies or brands that have more fun products compared to what you have to offer. You’ve probably heard of unusual brand partnerships that were totally unexpected but delivered great results. We’ve seen the following collaborations take place in recent years:
  • Google x Levi’s
  • Tinder x Ford
  • Bonne Bell x Dr. Pepper
  • Fila x Chupa Chups
  • Target x Museum of Ice Cream
  • New York Post x Supreme
These brands recognized the power of partnership and collaboration, which intensified their campaigns and brought good returns to all parties involved. You can take a page or two from their books and see how your company can create better traction content-wise with your collaborations.

Tip #4: Champion the others in your industry.

Similarly, you can also open doors for your brand whenever you help toot the horns of those in the same industry as you. You can do collaborative work with some of them, which helps leverage your relationships with them other than just being fellow Twitter and Facebook followers. Being seen with the competition seems counter-intuitive at first, but the long-term rewards that everyone involved will reap are worth it. This allows you and your competitors to come together, sans the competition, and lets you have fun together as you continue to run your own respective businesses. As far as content is concerned, it’s never too late to turn things around for your brand. Whether you decide to pull off a shocker or gradually transition to a change in tone and voice, a little fun and funny will always make for more interesting and engaging content that your audience will love.
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