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Identifying What Went Wrong: Organizational Restructuring

BusinessThere are companies that fail to realize that the end is near, until they are standing at the edge of a cliff and even a slight nudge will push them over the precipice. These organizations failed to see the signs that their company was falling apart. Lack of communication among workers, poor company culture, bad customer service and lack of leadership are only a handful of the problems that companies go through. Companies that failed lacked the foresight to address these problems immediately, leading to a restructuring to improve their business processes. Organizational restructuring is no cake walk, there are business development consultants like to help you identify the important aspects of your company and build from there.

Culture Is Important

Culture matters in building or restructuring an organization; it’s the glue that keeps people satisfied and reaching for the same goals. Strong company culture translates into a new structure that builds habits and encourages employees to collaborate with each other or try new things to promote creativity within the company. These big new ideas keep your company moving forward despite a new organizational model. An organization has similarities with a person; it needs to have core values that it turns to when a strategy fails or when confronted with a new problem. It is also the blueprint that helps form new ideas that keeps a company innovative.

Building Relationships Matter

Collaboration with employees and customers or clients is vital when a company decides to restructure. Listen to feedback and make implementations based on company culture, values, and direction. Communicate with customers or clients to stay in-tune with what they want from you and how you can give it to them in a better way. Ask questions, make mistakes and learn from them, and build relationships instead of focusing on selling a product or service. Organizational restructuring is a painstaking process, but collaboration eases some of the burden a company experiences to improve their processes and customer service.

The Chaotic-Organization Hybrid

There are companies that work best when everything follows a process, and others are chaotic, but still effective (picture tech-startups). The balance between the two polar opposites help you restructure and improve as a company. Processes are important for companies as they act as a go-to or backup plan for the expanding or restructuring organization. Each individual in a company has something to offer and brings a certain expertise to the team. Keep the organization flexible enough to allow creativity to flow and nurture. Organizations will need to restructure at some point because of a growing team, change of direction or expansion. Change is important to the success of a business, but it needs to keep certain things intact to weather the storm.
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