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Lasting Mani: The Fail-Proof Guide to Preventing Polish Chipping

Nail ManicureYou do all the clipping, filing and buffing when going the DIY route to manicuring nails. You try as you might to prep the perfect canvas, and spend hours choosing the perfect shade. You then take extreme caution painting each nail with calculated strokes. Two days later, however, you are scrambling for ways to keep it from chipping. Nothing ruins your mani mojo more than having it chipped off after all that hard work. Fortunately, there are ways to keep the polish on your nails, according to the experts at Gloss & Co. You probably know that using a base and a topcoat, as well as high quality nail polish, can extend the life of a manicure, but sometimes, these are not enough. Read on for some help on making sure your nails stay chip-free.

On Prepping the Canvas

Before doing your manicure, make sure there are no oils or buildup on the nails. Clean and dry nails will allow the polish to stick better and last longer. Your best bet would be to swipe over the nails with a bit of polish remover or white vinegar (use a cotton swab) before applying the basecoat.

On Applying Top Coat

Apply topcoat before the polish dries, as it helps to better stick to the nail. Make sure, however, that there is enough top coat on the brush before painting to avoid streaks. If you really want the manicure to last a long time, apply topcoat every other or every day. This does not only prolong your polish — it also keeps the mani looking like you just had it done.

On Proper Drying

Contrary to popular belief, hot air actually keeps the polish from drying, so use a fan. You may use a blow dryer, but set it to cool. Dipping your fingertips in ice water for a minute also helps. As a rule, metallic polishes dry faster than other types. Darker colours, on the other hand, usually takes a longer time to dry. Overall, enjoying the longest wear time from your mani is more about all the details or the little things rather than one big trick. Follow this guide the next time you sit down to paint — your manicure will last closer to a week than a day.
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