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SEO and User Experience

Striking a Balance Between SEO and User Experience

SEO and User ExperienceYour SEO activities have resulted in high traffic going to your website but you simply cannot convert them into customers. How come? The question now is have you optimized your website such that it becomes a joy to use it? If you were to be driven to your website, will you be interested in going back for more?  In other words, how is your experience as a user of the website? Chicago SEO experts discusses this below in detail.

The SEO-UX Dilemma

Many digital commerce experts believe that this is where many website owners fail. They become so preoccupied with their SEO campaigns that they neglect the other side of the equation – user experience. While it is true that SEO drives traffic to your website, if your website is so dull and boring and not really optimized to produce the kind of experience that website visitors are looking for, do you think there is enough reason for them to stay logged on? Now, if you are going to spend all of your resources on creating great and very compelling content, one that will truly wow your customers, who are you going to please if there is no traffic coming in? As such, in order to be really successful in the age of digital marketing you need to strike a meaningful balance between driving traffic into your website and keeping them there and eagerly wanting for more.

Why User Experience Matters

Just consider this, if you click on a URL on the organic search results, how will you feel if the website you opened happened to be not what you expected it to be? Will you keep on browsing through the pages? Or will you be just like the many others who will simply close the page and look elsewhere? Now, why do you think you felt that way? Was it because the graphics were too loud for your taste? Or was it too bland? More often than not, people choose to go away simply because there is too much junk in the web page. There is so much clutter and navigating through the different pages are equally challenging. And most of all, it does not contain the information that you are looking for. So if you are the owner of this website, what will you do? Will you not attempt to make the overall user experience a lot better? You see, by making sure that users will find usefulness in your website, you will be able to convert more of them into leads and customers and not just some traffic statistics. You have to understand that in becoming successful in the world of digital commerce, you need to both generate traffic and take care of your customers’ experiences. With this, you can never go wrong.
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