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Fired Up Employees, Overwhelming Results

employeesIn the advent of advanced technology, there never was a time when work has become less of a burden than today. True enough, there never was a time when worker’s benefits are at their most attractive than today.  Nonetheless, nowadays dissatisfaction among workers worldwide has reached epidemic proportions.
The Bored Majority

The Industrial Revolution may be remembered as a great leap forward for humanity. Certainly, without it, we may still be riding horses today. However, a brief look at history will tell us working conditions during the Industrial Revolution were plain and simple terrible: wages could go as low as 10 cents an hour. Worse, HR departments were unheard of. Factories succeeded at the expense of the welfare of its workforce. Today, workers need not work in such mean and dirty conditions. Further, they’re protected by law to get minimum wage with added benefits. Still, a new disease is creeping into millions of workers today. A recent 142-country study focused on the State of the Global Workforce detail only 13% of employees globally are engaged. That means only one in every eight workers are committed to get their jobs done. In numbers, that represents about 180 million of the total number of employees worldwide. For their part, though, the United States and Canada tallied 29% of its workers as engaged, Montgomery Presents reports.
Getting the Right Perspective

Most definitely, going about the problem is no walk in the park. However, hiring an inspirational speaker could be a most timely idea to get things in perspective. These gifted individuals not only boost the morale of your troops, they are able to provide valuable insight to get things going. As an outsider, he has a great advantage of being able to assess the situation in a more enlightened manner. Given such impetus, his intrinsic motivation should give your workforce new life – something no monetary reward may be able to deliver. When you get your workers all fired up, never-been-heard overwhelming results follow – naturally.
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