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Is Your Storage Unit Always Full? Organise Like You’re Playing Tetris

Self Storage in PerthRenting a storage unit is a great way to deal with your belongings that no longer fit in your home. But what if you already filled up your unit? Are you going to rent another one? Maybe you just need to organise your things better. Stack your stuff as if you’re playing Tetris, and you’ll see more space in the unit.

Bottom: Heavy Boxes

Sort your things and find the heaviest boxes. As long as they don’t contain fragile stuff, these bulky boxes should be on the floor of your self storage unit in Perth, for instance. Lay a number of boards on top of the boxes before stacking more things. This way, you get to make the bottom pile strong enough to hold more loads on top.

Middle: Knick-knacks

It sucks to have gaps when you’re playing Tetris. In the same way, it’s a waste of space if you create small gaps when stacking your stuff in your storage unit. But if you can’t really help it, fill the gaps with DVDs, magazines, and other knick-knacks.

Top: Light Items

Light items that do not fit in the gaps but are too large to be placed inside the boxes or containers belong on top of the stack. Pillows and blankets are great examples of these items; just make sure to cover them so they don’t collect dust over time.

Other Tetris-Like Storage Techniques

  • When storing two tables or desks, flip one upside down and stack it on top of the other.
  • Place tall items inside first as it’s hard to deal with them when you no longer have much space.
  • Use cabinet drawers and bookshelves to store smaller items.
With all these techniques, you can maximise the space of your storage unit. Just remember how you always ace the Tetris game when you were younger and you can have an organised unit.
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