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Unique Teaching Methods for Lessons Beyond the Classroom Setting

Sports fields tripsWith so much to learn, understand and experience, your class shouldn’t be limited inside the school grounds. Learning isn’t just about instructing, but also includes real-life experiences. Here are some exciting ideas and see how it can be integrated with your present lessons: Historical Tours – Though some say it history is boring, a historical tour is a totally different story. Like any other out-of-classroom trips, plan it into your schedule, get the right permits from external affairs and hire a group tour provider if necessary. Most literary, history, and arts subjects can benefit greatly from authentic reenactment and displays of an era’s clothes, food, and lifestyle. Sports Field Trips – Go to a local ski resort and do an experiment in the snow. Hike in a nearby reservation and take biological samples. Go biking in the park and write an essay afterwards. Enjoying athletics as part of the lesson makes it more memorable. Just make sure your class has visited ski shops for their safety gears and necessary outfits, says Snowscene. Food Trip – Food is a universally-loved and cherished part of life. It has made poets, singers and writers go to great lengths to express their love of it. Teaching someone through the appreciation of food goes beyond taking pictures and learning to cook. It allows people to know the history of a culture while savouring unfamiliar, but delicious dishes. Concerts and Plays – It isn’t just for the music lovers in your class or the music classes. Going to a live concert can teach students various aspects of creating a well-made production. Get passes backstage to learn about lights, audio, special effects, and the dynamism of staff all working together to make the show worthwhile. Talk to local bands for their gig schedules and support the small scale music industry. The classroom is not limited to your four walls. It’s best that you ingrain this into your students early on. Real life is out there and that’s where you apply what you learn. So go on an adventure and learn together with your class.
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