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Tips to Handle Chemical Spills

Handling Chemical SpillsOne can never be too prepared when accidents happen, especially when it involves hazardous chemicals. Good Australian-made spill kits are available in the market to help you handle such events. Having a spill kit is not enough, however. One should know how to act when faced with such situations to be safe and even save lives, Argyle Commercial points out. Here’s how:
  1. Do Not Panic

Like any other accident, panicking gets nothing done. When spills happen, keep calm and think fast. Know the chemical/s involved in the spill, its possible reaction (if mixed together), how to contain it, and its effects when it comes in contact with people. Knowing these things is the very first step to handling such instances.
  1. Protect Yourself and Others

Once you have determined the situation, take your spill kit and protect yourself and the people in the area. If trapped in a small room without proper ventilation, use protective gear if available, even if you are not going to participate in the containment and clean-up.
  1. Contain the Area If Possible

Turn off valves and taps to prevent the spread of chemicals. Cover exposed drains to prevent the substance from seeping in. Spill kits usually have a capacity of cleaning up 1L worth of chemical spills. Use scoops, pads, and bags to absorb the substance and take solid debris (if any). Store them in the bag provided and seal properly.
  1. Clean the Area Up

Once the area is clear of any chemical substance, clean the affected area. Do not forget to disinfect and clean yourself afterwards.
  1. Call for Help

If the amount of spill is more than the capacity of the spill kits, or if you simply cannot contain and handle the accident, call for help immediately and vacate the area.
  1. Restock Your Spill Kit

Lastly, always restock your spill kit once it is used. When such accidents happen, remember that the proper combination of the presence of mind and a well-equipped spill kit can solve the problem most of the time.
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