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Flexi-Work Could Dominate in the Future

Numerous surveys show how much Millennials prefer flexible work arrangements over the standard 9-5 office schedule. A survey by Ernst & Young revealed that Millennials are willing to take a pay cut, relocation, and even give up promotion opportunities in favor of work that offers them more flexibility. In Bentley University’s Millennials at Work survey, 77% of the respondents say they are more productive with flexible work schedules. The desire to spend quality time with family and friends while still being passionate about work is the fuel that drives the flexible work culture.

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Aside from being the popular choice, flexible work schedules also make workers more productive. This is according to several studies in the U.S. and across the globe. One of the reasons why flexi-time employees have a strong drive to work is they want to prove to their bosses that flexible work arrangements are beneficial to business. It also gives them higher overall satisfaction. Flexible work hours allow employees to be more present in their children’s growing years, fulfill family obligations, and enjoy relief from stress due to long commutes. This, in turn, pushes them to work harder and perform better.

Support from Coworking Communities

Indeed, Millennials have become experts at mixing personal life with work life. They answer emails beyond work hours, have apps on their phones that keep them connected with loved ones 24/7, and join communities that promote their personal and career growth. This is arguably one of the reasons why coworking spaces and communities came into being. It started with freelancers creating a demand for well-equipped and affordable workspaces outside of their homes. Today, coworking communities extend to flexi-time employees who have the luxury to work outside their company office. Coworking spaces offer professionals venues to work, build relationships, and collaborate—the very things flexi-time workers can thrive in. According to A SPACE, a coworking community in Manila and Cebu, sharing workspaces with like-minded professionals makes people feel like they are part of a team, especially if they work remotely. Flexible work arrangements are here to stay. Employers today are more considerate of Millennials’ work preferences and coworking communities, among others, support their lifestyle.
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