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Types of Safety Gloves For Different Applications

A sign that highlights the importance of safety in a workplaceThe workplace can present various hazards for the hands, including cuts, irritation from chemicals and burns. No single glove fits all applications. It is important to choose the right gloves for your task to ensure proper protection. You can get different types of hand gloves from well-known safety gloves suppliers. Your choice of gloves will depend on your job environment, the type of contaminants you are exposed to and the duration of the job. Different materials are suitable for various jobs. Here are your best options:

Liquid and Chemical Safe Gloves

These gloves keep you safe from abrasive materials, such as acids and different aqueous solutions. The most common material for these gloves is nitrile, which can withstand exposure to grease, acids and oils. However, nitrile safety gloves are not appropriate for use with potent oxidising substances. Another material for the manufacture of these gloves is PVC, which is ideal for handling pesticides, detergents and oil-based products.

Heavy Duty and Cut-Resistant Gloves

Cut resistant gloves are made of high-quality stainless steel with a mesh aesthetic. They are unaffected by punctures and tears and are typically designed ergonomically for an accurate fit. For extra protection from fine points like needles, continuous barriers are added to minimise injuries. Heavy-duty safety gloves can be made of cotton flannel lined with PVC for extra protection against abrasive materials. They can also be made of deerskin, cowhides and sheepskin.

Thermal Proof Safety Gloves

These gloves offer protection against extreme temperatures and protect the wearer from burn and frost injuries. They are usually made of neoprene, which is durable, flexible and outperforms natural rubber in high temperatures. Neoprene gloves are also used in the wire manufacturing and petrochemical industry. Electrical gloves offer protection from burns and electrical shock. They are used in facility and plant procedures and maintenance of power utilities. Go find a reputable supplier and equip your team with the latest hand protection gear on the market.
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