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Processes Involved in Turning Scrap Metals to Usable Products

Scarp metalBringing recyclables to dedicated facilities is a good thing. You are lessening the burgeoning load of our landfills. Moreover, you and all the scrappers in the world are easing the burden on Mother Nature. Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap items for recycling can fetch you money if you have large quantities of them. Now that you are inspired and motivated to collect more, are you curious about what happens to the scraps after you have taken the loot to local scrap metal dealers?

The recyclability of metals

The metal recycling industry is thriving because of the continuous need for raw materials in production and manufacturing of various sectors. Without the scraps you bring to the scrap dealers, there will be a shortage of iron, steel, brass, aluminium and copper. Almost every existing metal in the world can be recycled endlessly without losing their innate properties. As such, the aluminium you have collected will be useful not just for the next 10 years, but also for many generations to come.

Processing recyclable metals

These days, scrap metal dealers in Auckland such as McCamish Metals must deal with the increasing complexity of products made from metal. For instance, mobile phones have recyclable components, but instead of coming in the form of one useful chunk, the usable parts count to as many as 40! Extraction of recyclable elements can be tedious these days. Nevertheless, the general operations of recycling facilities consist of different procedures. After collection, the main stages involved in recycling metal are sorting, processing, melting, purification, solidifying and transportation.

Early stages of recycling

During sorting, recyclers separate different types of metals from each other, after which they shred them for processing. Shredding facilitates ease into the next stage, which is melting, which occurs in industrial furnaces. Purification by electrolysis frees the metals of contaminants, while solidification forms the metals into bars that recyclers can use in production and manufacturing. The processes involved in creating virgin metals from mined ore uses up tremendous resources, while recycling conserves both resources and energy. Start scrapping today and be part of the global recycling community.
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