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Designing a Bedroom Together: A Couple’s Dilemma

Designing a bedroom for a couple is like mixing two styles of art on one canvas. One person wants their bedroom to be monochromatic, while the other wants it with earthy colors. One wants the look to be minimalist, while the other wants it to be glamorous. The gist here is that it’s rare for two individuals to have the exact same taste when it comes to designing their bedroom. If you’re struggling with your spouse on the décor of the bedroom, you can either consult a home interior design company in Portland, Oregon, or follow the suggestions below:

Shop together

Shopping together will help both of you share your personal styles and perhaps find some middle ground. When both of you are browsing through every household item and design piece in a home depot, point out to your spouse the things that you like and let them point out what they like. You can find some middle ground by setting a budget. You can also find a way to blend both of your styles to create something unique. With a little imagination and a lot of research online—check Instagram and other social media sites for ideas—you can come up with an innovative look for your bedroom. The point here is that both of you should work together to mix your differing styles.

Communicate and compromise

couple shopping for beds Both of you need to be open about the kind of design you want for your bedroom. If you like vibrant colors, then tell your spouse that there is a particular thing you want on your bedroom walls. If you like wooden furniture more than metal ones, then let your spouse know about your preference. But the objective here is to find some middle ground, which is why both of you should communicate openly about your preferences. Through your discussions, you’ll find a point where both of you will be willing to compromise. You can work toward a compromise by letting your spouse keep the items that have a sentimental value t them. If your spouse has an heirloom that they want to keep because it reminds them of their grandmother, then perhaps you should let them put it in your bedroom even if it doesn’t mesh well with the overall décor.

Remind each other why you’re doing this

There will be times when your best efforts to understand and support each other won’t be enough. Maybe your husband really doesn’t have a good taste or your wife insists too much in making your bedroom look too feminine. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important for both of you to remind the other person why you’re doing this in the first place. You are doing this because you want to spend the rest of your life together, and your bedroom is the place where you want to feel at home the most. Rather than insisting on what you want your bedroom to look like, work together to build a bedroom that both of you would love.
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