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Road Traffic Control Devices for Motorists’ Safety

If your business is providing road construction and repair services, buying road work signs on sale can help you significantly in doing your jobs successfully and safely. Roadway constructions and repairs can be hazardous for the workers when there are no precautionary measures. Even if you’re just passing by, you must always pay attention to the signs when you’re on the road. This guide will provide you with some knowledge on how to be safe on the road when there is construction work going on.

Factors Causing Accidents among Moving Traffic

Accidents on the road happen that may lead to injuries and fatalities because of these factors:
  • Heavy machinery blocking the way
  • Loose gravel
  • High water
  • Uneven pavements
  • Smoke
  • Slippery surface (after rain or due to oil leak)
When these issues are not rectified, especially if there are no warning signs for people and drivers, expect a negative impact on the flow of traffic and an increased risk of road mishaps.

Road Traffic Control Devices

Car on the road Here are some of the useful road traffic control devices that you need in the site when the road is being constructed or repaired:
  • Corflute Signage: Corflute is weather-resistant, which is an ideal option for your signage requirements. This essential signage is made of effective and robust ribbed plastic material that comes in various sizes and thickness. Usually, they are printed in full color to be identified easily by pedestrians and motorists. Typically, corflute signage is for temporary use but is also suitable for long term use. People use them for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Swing Stand Signage:  In general, swing stand signage is used for traffic management. The typical sizes are 600mm x 450mm and 900mm x 600mm. But you can make a request from the maker if you need a distinct size based on your requirements. These pieces of materials come in retro-reflective and non-reflective options.
  • Boxed Edge Plate Signage: This signage has legs that can be sold separately. Available styles are square, round, or folding type. Made of metal, you can make a request from the maker to have custom messages on boxed edge plate signage.
  • Repeater Signs: These signs are what you normally see on the side of the road, slightly smaller than the standard speed limit signal. Take note that repeater signs must always be placed as close to the state line as possible.
  • Stop Slow Bats: If you need to forewarn people and drivers at temporary hazards or obstructions to maintain your worksite accident-free, using stop slow bats is an ideal option. These materials can help your employees be aware of proper safety procedures at work.
  • Barrier Boards: If you have seen long plastic or wooden beams along the road, those are barrier boards. They are used to safeguard the area by providing a signal to people, closing roads, or directing traffic. These are ideal when you want to block off the field quickly to conduct construction works.
With the right signs, motorists and pedestrians will be protected by giving them an idea about the conditions along the way, especially if the worksite poses a hazard. Always remember to make the road construction signs available in the working area until the project is completed.
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