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Create a Compelling Ad Copy: The Three Important Factors

Advertising AgencyAdvertising is the core of any marketing strategy. Without a good ad copy, you won’t be able to let people know about your business. It should grab people’s attention and make them curious about your product or service, according to Sphere. Even if you hire ad agencies to do your copy or to implement your marketing plan, you, as the business owner, should understand some key factors.
Choosing your words well
A compelling ad copy uses the right words to elicit the emotion you want from your clients and potential customers. It can be just a few words — think about Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign. It’s just three words, but has a great impact on people. It makes you think that nothing is impossible when you simply put your mind into it; a great message from an athletic shoe company.
Focusing on the benefits
A mistake that most ad copies have is that they only show the features of the product or service. It’s not a bad thing, but with the dozens of other products and services available in the market, the more important question you need to address is how will your product or service benefit the people? What sets you apart from other companies that also offer home repair services? An effective ad copy should be able to show how its product or service can change the people’s lives for the better.
Having a single objective
Don’t clutter an ad by having too many messages. Think about which message effectively describes your business concisely. Also, consider the purpose of your ad copy. Is it to gain more customers or do you want to focus more on creating an identity for your brand? Narrow it down even more. Do you want your customers to visit your Web page or are you inviting them to a certain event? By eliminating the unnecessary parts of your copy and focusing on the actual objective, your customers will not feel overwhelmed and will be able to focus better on what you really wanted them to focus on.
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