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Can You Bring Your Child With You on Extreme Excursions?

SkiingYes, you can bring your toddler and pre-adolescent child with you on certain athletic excursions. Here are just three options and there are a lot more. Consider bringing your child to the following outings for the perfect parent-child team up. White Water Rafting – The youngest age allowed by most white water rafting companies starts at four years. However, it can still vary depending on the river current’s level and the personality of the child. It is still best to have your toddler cuddled up beside you during the rest of the trip. Your kid should wear the same safety gear and outfit that everyone else is wearing. Make sure that they also understand the instructor’s directions. Skiing – Several babies under two years old are already skiing. Of course, adults escort them down the slopes. Your toddler can do it too. Just make sure that you have the proper training. There are ski gears for kids. Pedigree Ski Shop recommends Obermeyer ski outfit for your kids. Scuba Diving – Kids can try scuba diving as early as eight years old. There are a number of companies that focus on scuba diving training for children so you don’t need to worry about professional help. And with you alongside them, your child will surely be safe, secure and ready to have a wonderful bonding experience. Engage your kids in any of these winter sports and expect a lot of wonderful memories and stronger connections with your child before you go back home. Even if they turn out to be “naturals”, remember, the true reason you wanted them along is so they can enjoy the sports with you. Have fun in the snow, but make sure that your kids are safe.
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