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Exciting and Innovative Weatherboard Cladding Options for Your Home

Weatherboards in New ZealandHigh quality weatherboards are perfect for exterior cladding. They are easy to install, and you may even attempt a DIY project with a huge chance of success. They are also safe to use. The variety of designs and finishes is quite astounding. Some of the most innovative products are sustainable. Weatherboard products are also being marketed as clapboard, bevel siding, and lap siding. Some of the most common materials used are PVC, aluminium, wood, and fibre cement. With the wide array of options, choosing a product can be time consuming. Here is a brief look at some of the most interesting products out there:
Versatile and reliable cedar timber
Cedar timber is premium weatherboard cladding that has proven its versatility. Homeowners in Australia and New Zealand have plenty of cladding profiles to choose from. Cedar is durable and offers a weather tight outer skin to any commercial or residential structure. In terms of design, cedar stands out because of its innate elegance and class.
Vertical cladding
Manufacturers produce vertical, horizontal, and diagonal weatherboards. If you want a façade that stands out, consider vertical systems instead of the typical horizontal systems. The architectural and design impact of vertical cladding is difficult to ignore. Architects in Australia who aspire to create a contemporary look prefer vertical systems.
Low maintenance systems
To achieve a certain look, some homeowners opt for untreated timber boards. In their natural state, these boards are prone to rotting and weathering. In order to keep them in prime condition for a long time, strict maintenance measures should be in place. If you are like many homeowners who do not have the time to attend to maintenance concerns, you should look for a low maintenance system. Find a product that designed specifically for your local climate. Pre-finished weatherboard systems can serve your household well. To get the most value for your money, consider all the options. Ask around, and do not hesitate to explore new possibilities.
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