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Car Wrapping Business: Three Reasons You Should Start One ASAP

Car branding specialist puts logo with car wrapping foil or film on vehicle doorThe global car wrap industry was worth a whopping US$2.1 billion in 2016. But experts say it won’t stop growing there. Come 2024, they estimate this sector to be worth US$11.7 billion. Who wouldn’t want to have a slice of that kind of pie?

Now, launching your car wrap facility is easier said than done, especially if you’re planning to build your own brand from the ground up. Don’t fret though. There’s another way to own a car wrapping business without doing all that — franchising an established brand. Here are three lesser-known reasons that a car wrap franchise is an excellent business opportunity.

1. Millions of potential customers

In Australia, registered motor vehicles totalled 19.2 million at the end of January 2018. What’s more, experts forecast that the automotive industry will see almost 103,000 new vehicles sold in 12 months. How’s that for a long list of potential customers?

2. Car owners now rely on car wraps for extra protection

Repairing a single dinged and dented panel can already cost AU$120. The greater and bigger the damage, the more expensive repairs can get. It’s for this reason that the number of car owners turning to car wraps has increased. After all, these decals and pieces of vinyl add a layer of protection against physical damages. They also prevent existing ones from worsening. It also doesn’t hurt that wraps make for great personalisation and customisation. Think about it. As a car owner yourself, you’d most likely want to spend your money on customisation than repairs, wouldn’t you?

3. More and more businesses use vehicles as an advertising tool

In a nation that houses over 2.24 million businesses, business owners need to raise the level of their advertising strategies. That’s why they use all available means to get the word out about their organisations. They now also use their vehicles as mobile signage.

With such a vast market, a car wrapping service franchise makes for one great business opportunity. So, why not consider investing in one as soon as possible? The sooner you do, the earlier you can start profiting.

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