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Team working in a startup business

3 Help Desk Software Programs Appropriate for Startups

Team working in a startup businessHelp desk software refers to computer programs that assist customer care operators in keeping track of user requests. These programs provide high visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues, so your business can function well. They require proper knowledge to run and install, though. Improve your customer care processes by working with reputable IT consulting firms in Texas. Here are three help desk programs that will ease your customer care services.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk provides an easy and fast way for you to offer excellent customer service. It has powerful features that help your business improve its support operations. Through omnichannel support, Zendesk enhances company efficiency and enables seamless communication with customers across all channels. It also gives you room to benchmark satisfactory ratings and performance evaluation against set targets.

2. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is available in 39 languages, making it your ultimate avenue for multilanguage customer support. It has a chat widget that works perfectly and connects you to customers immediately. It incorporates the use of Facebook accounts, call centers, and email ticketing, among other customer communication channels, to give you direct contact with clients on the same platform.

3. Zoho

Zoho is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that receives customer tickets from emails, phone, chat or social media, and organizes them on one screen for your staff to view. It makes your transaction with clients smooth and snappy as it allows you to give immediate answers to questions. Zoho desk acknowledges the uniqueness of your business, giving you room to customize and merge your system with other applications. Apart from customers getting answers to their questions, Zoho brings your staff together on a single platform to deliver comprehensive customer service.
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