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The Surprising Health Benefits of Pizza

Pizza remains popular, and for good reason. It’s filling, packed with flavor and utterly appetizing. People on the go, those who like having meals or snacks delivered, or those who hang around after a movie or sports event make pizza a part of their routine. So if you’re planning to put up a franchise business, a pizza franchise for sale will not be a bad idea. You will surely profit from it. Plus, you can introduce healthy and organic toppings for the health-conscious crowd. However, people tend to overlook pizza’s health benefits. Read on to find out what these are.

Gives More than the Required Daily Calcium Needs

Milk and other dairy products like cheese are good sources of calcium. Pizza has loads of cheese; it’s pizza’s base ingredient, after all. Some flavors also contain real tomatoes, which are a great source of calcium as well. Also, many other choices of toppings, including onions, black olives, and bell peppers, give you both calcium and other vitamins and minerals.

Covers Major Food Groups

One advantage of pizza is that it can be a complete meal, providing items from all the food groups. The dough represents carbohydrates. The sauce contains antioxidants like lycopene, thanks to the tomatoes. The ground beef, pepperoni, and other meat toppings serve your protein needs. Vegetables and fruits, such as pineapples, provide vitamins and minerals.

Lessens the Risk of Cancer

This is something you would not expect from a famous fast-food item. Lycopene, found in tomatoes, is an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer risks. It also has the added perk of helping prevent heart disease, which is another virtually unknown advantage of eating pizza. Of course, one must not forget to eat it in moderation to fully benefit from this tasty and healthy food.
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