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Your First Car: The Things to Consider Before Making the Purchase

If you are considering buying a car, you probably feel both elated and nervous. Having their own vehicle to drive to places is a milestone that not everyone will be able to reach throughout their entire lifetime. However, it is an expensive purchase and, therefore, you want to choose the best one out there and get your money’s worth. How do you know if you should go for a small car? Should you look for lifted trucks for sale? What about buying second-hand? Here are some things that you should first consider:

What is Your Budget?

Ultimately, the decision which car you will get to take home will be based on how much money you can part with. Some people save up money for years to be able to buy their dream car. Most, however, will take out a loan. If you will rely on the loan to finance your car purchase, make sure that you can spare a chunk of your monthly income into paying your car. The general rule is, the amount that you will need to allocate to the loan should not exceed 15% of your take-home pay. You might also want to designate a bit of your money toward paying for gas and possible repairs, especially if you are buying a second-hand car. Knowing these things beforehand, you will be able to narrow down your choices. You might also be able to use your budget into negotiating a better deal with the salesman assisting you.

What Do You Need it For?

Next, you should identify how you will use the vehicle. If you have a family, for example, will they fit in a small car? What type of driving do you do or where do you usually go? Do you need a vehicle that has roomy storage? To get the most out of your purchase, it has to be fit for your lifestyle. Functionality should be prioritized over style. Otherwise, if you would not be able to use it for whatever you do regularly, what is the point of buying the vehicle?

What Features Do You Prefer?

It is possible to balance what you want and what you need. There are so many types of vehicles out there that you surely will find a car that you will be happy with. Most buyers already have an idea of features that they want their vehicle to have. Those who want to save money would look for fuel-efficiency. Those who are the adventurous types would probably ask for speed. Which features are not willing to compromise? Which can you live without?

Test Drive

Man driving a car Whether you are buying new or used, you will be given an opportunity to test-drive the model you are eyeing. Do it so you would have an idea what it would be like to own this car and to use it every day. Do not be shy. Inspect every part and component multiple times if you have to. The salesman would understand why you need to feel the car before you officially make the purchase. Trust your gut instinct. Even if the vehicle looks perfect on paper, if you do not think that it is the right one for you, do not buy it. Look for other similar vehicles from another manufacturer, class, or store. You eventually will find the right car for you.
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