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8 Safety and Survival Items to Have in Your Car

Driving without the bare safety essentials can lead you to all types of terrible situations. You never know when your car will break down in the middle of nowhere, or when you will get into an accident that will render you helpless. That said, here are the personal safety items that you should always have in your car:

1. LED lights

LED lights are available at almost any reputable upfitter in Witchita, Kansas, and other places. Not only do LED lights provide brighter illumination with less energy consumption; they are also less expensive than halogen bulbs. Having an extra headlamp in the trunk of your car will ensure that you still have a light source if your headlights go out or break for whatever reason, which can be a lifesaver if you’re out driving in the dark.

2. Jumper cables

If your battery dies, you would want to have jumper cables in the back of your car in case a good samaritan decides to help you.

3. First aid kit

Keep a complete first aid kit in your glove box or your trunk. Make sure you have the essentials such as rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, bandages, gauze, medication, and antibiotic cream. Don’t forget to pack any specific medication that your family needs, such as allergy meds or an extra inhaler.

4. Road flares

Even though packing road flares in your car may seem like overkill, you would think otherwise if your car dies in a particularly dangerous place or you fall into a ditch. If possible, keep flares underneath your seat so you can get easy access in dire situations. Road flares can also warn other motorists of your presence, so they don’t crash into you accidentally.

5. Flashlight

Buy a heavy-duty and waterproof flashlight as well as extra batteries. In an emergency, a powerful flashlight will give you enough illumination to navigate in the night and look under your hood or car.

6. Emergency food

Whether you’re waiting for roadside assistance to come or stuck in an extreme traffic jam, having food in your car can keep your hunger satiated. No one likes getting hungry in a situation that they can barely control, so make sure you pack ready-to-eat foods with long shelf lives. In your glove box, pack some granola bars, crackers, nuts, jerky, and other high-calorie snacks. In your trunk, you can pack MREs, canned food, and water bottles.

7. Spare tire/s

car tire Have a spare tire or two in your trunk in case you get a flat, and make sure you know how to change one. Don’t forget to have the necessary tools in your car as well, such as a jack, tire iron, and pipe.

8. Tool kit

Having a tool kit in your car can help you make simple but necessary repairs, especially if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Tools such as screwdrivers, tire gauge, pliers, duct tape, antifreeze, and pocket knife are just some of the things you need in your kit. Having these items in your car can save your life during emergencies, so don’t drive without making sure you have them in your toolbox or car trunk. Invest in high-quality products only to ensure maximum safety and reliability.
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