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Why TV Advertising is Still Going Strong Despite Internet Ads

Internet AdsMobile devices and online media are becoming increasingly common these days, and if one didn’t know any better, it seems like anything can be done with and on them. But, traditional media such as television are not as weak in the face of this change. In fact, there are reasons why it still remains as one of the strongest contenders for promotional and advertising media. TV Advertising Still Urges More People to Buy – Due to their appeal, television advertising still attracts a majority of public.  This method can extensively reach those who are more inclined to at least give the products a. With companies like Singtel Media offering effective TV advertising, you can use the viewer data to better show advertisements to the appropriate audience. As a result, more buyers will be reached and influenced by the ads. More People Still Watch TV – Yes, mobile and online media are gaining in popularity with more pop culture references being made to what’s made in it, but in the end, more people still watch the telly. Part of it is because more people have access to a television and cable than to the Internet or smartphones. As a matter of fact, there are online accesses to TV shows and movie channels and even smartphones and gadgets sometimes have direct TV access installed as part of their features and selling points. TV Advertising is Still Appealing – Television advertising makes use of light, sound, and movement to get its message across, so it appeals to a number of senses. The catchiness that usually accompanies it also helps. In contrast, while video advertisements do exist, most of the advertisements shown online are only visual. Also, because of the way they interrupt the viewer’s actual web activities, online ads are usually ignored. Mobile and Internet might be becoming more common, but television has stood the test of time and still has the potential to grow. If you are thinking of advertising on TV, then do start now. Eventually, whatever TV ad you’ve made can be used for online advertising as well.
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