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3 Golden Rules for SMS Marketing

Online MarketingOne of the most underrated and often overlooked methods of digital marketing is SMS marketing. Studies state that 81% of people who own cell phones use their phones for sending and receiving SMS messages. This basically means that you might be missing out on a huge market if you’re still not using SMS advertising. But first, here are three guidelines to start you off:

1. Get Subscriber List in Order and via the Proper Way

Essentially, your subscriber list must be composed of people who are really interested in receiving texts about your business offerings, meaning that the purchasing list of people’s phone numbers from shady sources or any source for that matter, will only leave your business with a negative reputation. Rather, focus on obtaining contacts from actual people who’ve already shown interest in what you’re offering. Additionally, getting a number is just the first step. You have to ask the person if he or she is fine with receiving SMS messages. You also have to offer subscribers an option easy way out of your subscriber list should they decide they want to opt out.

2. Make Certain that there’s a Clear Call to Action

An expert from Singtel Media notes that you are not just sending messages for the sake of sending messages. Remember that you’re attempting to market your business through text messaging. This means that you have to be clear and to the point, especially since text messages have a limited character count. For instance, you could offer them a coupon code that they could only use for a limited time, or suggest they mark their calendars for an upcoming special event or promo, advises an online advertising expert in Singapore.

3. Engage Your Subscribers

SMS marketing won’t work if your subscribers don’t respond to you. Consider running contests that will require their participation through the text, such as a question and answer game or by asking them to text you back with a special code so that they could avail of a special promo, or ask them to answer a short survey to get a discount on your offerings. These could easily boost customer engagement and more accurate feedback for improving your SMS advertising campaign and your business in general. Although you’ll still have to constantly evaluate and adjust your SMS marketing tactics, these guidelines will surely aid and guide you when starting out with your SMS marketing campaign.
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