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Twitter Revives Data Sharing Agreement with Google

In a few months, people who often use Google may expect more real-time search results. A landmark deal between social media giant and leading search engine now makes it possible for unregistered users to view tweets on Google.

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo revealed that his company is once again in partnership with Google in terms of data sharing. This gives both companies more ground to spread their moneymaking schemes. It also solves their challenges in terms of user expansion.

Icon SetHistory repeats itself

Google and Twitter’s relationship can be described, at best, as unpredictable. The same agreement was made in 2009, where Google allowed tweets to show in a tool called Google Realtime Search. The deal expired in 2011 –almost the same time when Google decided to run its own social media tool Google+.

Both companies performed considerably well. Twitter continued to be the first to-go site for the latest newsbytes and gossips on famous people. Google retained its position as one of the most visited websites in the world. But they could only go so far. Faced with tough competition like Facebook, Twitter’s struggle in increasing its members, and the not-so-remarkable performance of Google+, they clearly felt the need to join forces.

More than what meets the eye

Not many details were shared about the deal. But the premise is that tweets will be more visible especially to the non-Twitter users. Costolo said that unlike the 2009 deal, this year’s agreement would be more distinct. Data sharing was limited to linking of accounts instead of individual tweets in the previous deal.

Netizens suppose that this time, when non-Twitter users see and click tweets in the search results, they will be led to a page that prompts them either to register on Twitter, or see company-sponsored advertisements. Apart from the opportunity of increasing its members, Twitter can make its advertisements more viewable to the public. More visibility means more money to this company.

Apart from attracting more cash and followers, the agreement may help reduce the number of harsh and disturbing tweets. Since the tweets will be more visible in the Internet, most people may think twice before spreading inappropriate posts.

That’s not to say that only Twitter gets to benefit from this deal. Google will have access to real-time information faster. When there’s a new thing going on, people will usually hear about it first in Twitter. Google gets to flash more never-heard-before info to its users, which will solidify its position as a leading search engine more.

What’s in it for us

What people can benefit from this announcement is simply greater visibility for their tweets. Celebrities, politicians, professional bloggers and other famous people can reel in more followers. Those who promote their businesses can get more customers, even those who are not logged in.

However, greater transparency in the tweets means that people will have to be more careful in posting inappropriate stuff. People may complain of unhindered visibility of tweets, or they may post less tweets, which defeats the purpose of this agreement. The impacts are endless. But as details are not fully revealed, we can’t conclude them as such.

The CEO did not indicate a specific date when the deal will take effect, stating only that it will come in a few months.

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