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Breaking The Habit: Apple’s IOS9 To Focus On Performance Than Feature

Apple StoreFor all the Apple fans out there – here’s the good news: we can expect better performance for IOS this year. The bad news: there won’t be many features to look forward to.

A veritable authority on MAC products reveals that for IOS9, Apple will focus more on improving the system’s performance. The announcement was made amidst talks that Apple is more concerned about getting profits from its marketing strategies than improving software quality.

Performance first

 According to Mark Gurman of 9to5MAC, Apple will most likely focus on fixing bugs and improving overall system performance for IOS9. There was no mention of specific feature add-ons; software upgrade was emphasized for this year’s release.

The company’s plans to reduce the file size for downloading updates. This move will give more space for users to enjoy, thus eliminating the need to delete files and make room for updates in the applications. It’s also an improvement compared to IOS8, which garnered criticisms upon its release as it consumes almost 5GB of space for updates on the iPhone alone. People are also hoping for energy-saving applications this year. IOS 8 tends to drain battery life faster, according to some.

Facing the criticisms

The tech giant’s announcement of a system upgrade as the selling point of IOS9 may be a way of placating longtime Apple consumers. After the IOS8 fiasco, they’re not taking any chances with the next model.

Some people accuse Apple of focusing more on getting profits from selling their products instead of improving the software quality. Former Tumblr lead developer Marco Arment stated in his blog that the company’s lightning-fast tendency to release new products and features undermine software upgrades. He wrote:

“I suspect the rapid decline of Apple’s software is a sign that marketing is too high a priority at Apple today: having major new releases every year is clearly impossible for the engineering teams to keep up with while maintaining quality. Maybe it’s an engineering problem, but I suspect not — I doubt that any cohesive engineering team could keep up with these demands and maintain significantly higher quality.”

No surprise there. The company is known for making new features every year. This also leads some to conclude that Apple releases new products early to beat its tough competitors in sales, if not inquality. Apple’s recent releases garnered more criticisms than praises unlike Job’s time. People nowadays are looking for other gadgets that are on par, or even better than Apple in terms of feature, quality and price.

Learning from past mistakes

Looking at another perspective, Apple’s announcement is a sign of acknowledgment on their part for the faulty releases.  This is good news for people who are still optimistic for the company’s capability as a leading gadget trendsetter.  Now that Apple has recognized its oversight in providing quality products, people can hope that there will be lesser system issues for their products starting this year.

The release date for IOS9 has not been announced yet. But if Apple stays true to form, we may expect it around September, as with their previous releases. For the meantime, fans of their products will have something to be excited about.

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