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Top 4 Ways to Save Money on Your New Zealand Trip

Money in a piggy bankNew Zealand is more than a scenic site for The Lord of the Rings. Ever since the blockbuster trilogy appeared on the silver screen, travellers have been flocking to the Land of the Long White Cloud to view its magnificent views of mountains, beaches, and skies. With the influx of travellers, though, is the rise of prices. Make no mistake about it, travelling to New Zealand is not that cheap. However, there are ways you can save and hold on to your budget:

    Lock in your exchange rate.

Watch the exchange rates and jump in when the foreign exchange rate is looking good. No.1 Currency recommends going to a money change service and exchange your money for New Zealand dollars even before you get on the plane. This allows you to lock in that low rate all throughout your trip.

Use prepaid travel cards.

Another way to lock in low exchange rates is by using prepaid travel cards. It’s a great way to keep your expenses well within budget, too. The only catch with prepaid cards is you may have to pay upfront costs and inactivity fees, so only use them if you’re a jet setter travelling the world often.

Take out the plastic.

Consider getting a credit card that does not charge a fee for out-of-country expenses. Use this to pay for larger expenses, such as hotels, tours, or at restaurants. Having an international credit card will help you save on ATM withdrawal fees or exchange rate fees.

Jump on airfare discounts.

Sign up to receive promo and discount offers from Air New Zealand and Qantas through e-mail. When you see an attractive offer, don’t take forever to decide because many other people are also looking for low-cost flights and may take those plane seats away from you.

Aside from the above-mentioned hacks, there are other ways you can save on your New Zealand trip. For instance, you can book a backpackers’ room instead of a hotel. You can go to a grocery store and cook your own meals instead of dining at restaurants. For major savings on tourist sights and activities, consider going at a time of the day or year when others aren’t going. When business isn’t up, tourist attractions are often happier to give you a huge discount.
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