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Big Things in Small Packages: Productivity in Small Workplaces

Clean office The environment you work in has a huge impact on your productivity. With working spaces getting smaller in the business world, people are looking for ways to get the most out of confined spaces. Here are four smart tips to help maximise your small office space:

Use desk clusters

A good office should have just the right balance of functionality and aesthetics, leading office design expert Precept Design stressed. Using desk clusters in your office is an innovative way to increase the flow of information, improve efficiency, and maximise office space. A single desk cluster can comfortably accommodate four or more people, saving you lots of space and money you will spend to build four separate offices.

De-clutter your space

Take a careful look at your office. Identify all the furniture, paper, equipment, and other items that are defunct or unneeded and have them removed. This will free up much-needed space and allow your employees concentrate better on what they are doing. A clean and neat working space also communicates a clear sense of vision.

Keep your desk organised

Use various desktop organisers to ensure that you neatly arrange all items on your desk. For instance, use trays for paper and keep smaller items in containers. Organise your drawers too. Keep items used together in the same drawer and put personal items in a different drawer.

Allow ample light

A well-lit room is comfortable to work in, even when it is not spacious. Sufficient light also makes the room feel more spacious, while dimmer lights have the opposite effect. Allow a lot of natural light inside to improve visibility and keep the office feeling fresh. As you spend most of your day in the office, it is critical that you make the space as efficient as possible. By keeping the space clutter free, neatly organised, and well lit, you can use it to achieve your business goals without having to break your bank.
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