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‘Tis the Season to Always Make It THE Season: Local SEO During Seasonal Dips

Local SEOLocal businesses, despite their success, will always have their downs. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies; there’s bound to be storm and rain. When the business is off-season or experiencing lower search volumes, however, that doesn’t mean your marketing should do the same.

It is during seasonal lows that working harder is a good idea.

For any local business, there are plenty of ways to survive during seasonal lows – you might even thrive if you work harder. When it comes to Denver’s local SEO, you should take some cues from other businesses and stay prepared.

Plan Campaigns Earlier

The United States has over 15,000 Christmas tree farms. Since it deals with trees for the holidays, most people consider these as “one-month-a-year” businesses. Despite its seasonal audience, these farms are required to maintain and have income before and after Christmas. After all, people still want decorations and fresh wreaths for Thanksgiving, and pine cones are big in November.

Pre-orders are a must, and so is search engine marketing.

By the time orders come in, your SEM plans should be ready. Work on your SEM campaigns before the demands distract you. It is best to work on long-tail keywords that will bring local customers to your landing pages now.


Optimize the Landing Pages

Say you own a bed and breakfast in Denver. You are no stranger to tourist seasons; during the summer or winter, the inn sees plenty of people. But come school days, it’s normal to see the inn a bit empty.

Still, you should not lose hope.

Local SEM can still do wonders for your operations. Instead of focusing on the holiday sales, your landing pages should focus on reservations (otherwise known as funnel sales). Do not be afraid to go off-season; take advantage of suggestions locals would surely go for. Invite guests for a quick staycation, a second honeymoon, or even a weekend away from work.

Harness the Power of Social Media

When it comes to marketing, you can never go wrong with social media.

Social media shouldn’t just be the go-to option during the holidays. Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to promote your business all year round. Make sure followers know you are available by staying active whenever, wherever. Post updates, promos, or even polls to keep your business engaged with customers. If users message, always answer immediately.

The Bottom Line

The off-season should not dissuade you from pursuing the best for your business, especially in the online realm. Always take advantage of the time you have.

Your business might be seasonal in nature, and SEM doesn’t seem enough to get the word out, but that doesn’t give you the license not to try. Use the off-season to brainstorm for creative marketing ideas and still pull customers.

Whatever solution you choose – whether it’s social media, Google My Business, or simple keyword preparation – never lose sight of complementary products that can boost your business during and after the peak season.


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