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Tips for Cleaning Up Unnatural Links From Your Website

Hands On SEO FlowchartWhile purchasing bad links might offer you some short term success, know that it will ultimately come to haunt you in the future once Google catches and penalizes you. Unnatural or bad backlinks indicate that your site might not be delivering quality content that your site can’t acquire good or proper backlinks. So what can you do about this?

Can You Remove Unnatural Backlinks?

Yes, you can, but prepare to sweat and dedicate hours doing so. The first thing you need to do is to actually find all of the unnatural links first and then disable them by doing the following:

  • Contact the owners or webmaster of the site you link your want removed, but ask politely. In the event that you can’t contact the owner or if he or she wants you to pay for removal, you could disavow the bad backlink. Disavowing links is likewise recommended if you have countless of backlinks you need to be removed or if you can’t get a hold of anyone to remove the link on their end. Disavowing is essentially telling Google that you don’t want the unnatural links to be factored in when they evaluate your site and consequently your Google rank.
  • Evaluate which pages on your site Google can deem low quality due to bad links and take down the pages 410s or 404s rather than the links. However, take note that some of those pages might be valuable to your site so have to weigh the pros and cons of the pages with bad links. Additionally, if you’ve got lots of 404s, Google could get the wrong message. You should then disavow the unnatural links.
  • Here’s an extremely radical solution that will surely work, just get rid of your website and begin all over again. This could be a viable solution if you think your site isn’t really updated anyway and are having a hard time getting rid of the bad links. Or, you can opt for a professional unnatural link removal service that will do the digging, removal, and disavowing for you. Your site, your choice.

What to Expect After Removing Unnatural Backlinks

It’s crucial to note that cleaning up your site can actually reduce your traffic because of the reduced number of links redirecting to it, resulting in fewer visitors who come to your site through these bad links. The thing is—would you really want that kind of traffic and the wrath of Google? What you should do is optimize your site after successfully eliminating all unnatural links so you can begin building up your Google rank again and make money again.

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