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Ranking Higher: The Top SEO Trends of 2016

SEO Team from Myrtle Beach, SCThe future of digital marketing relies on a range of factors such as search engine optimization (SEO). Among digital marketing’s different facets, SEO can provide companies and their brands the reach they need to take their name to the next level.

Real Creative Digital, an integrated digital business service provider based in Myrtle Beach, SC, gives a brief overview of what SEO is about. To create a ranking website, SEO is a collective work involving keywords, proper page titles, headings, HTML tags, META tags, and link attributes. It’s the foundation for a company’s online content and strategic marketing direction.

On Ranking Higher

And with the internet age taking over and influencing today’s consumers, SEO trends are rapidly changing. To catch up, here are the key factors of SEO in 2016:

  1. The Impact of Mobile Internet

You have to optimize your website for mobile users. The total number of searches on mobile devices has recently grown by 43% as the years pass by. This translates to 1.2 billion people using the internet through mobile devices.

With this, Google is now prioritizing websites that are mobile-friendly to accommodate mobile searches. Here are the data to emphasize the impact of mobile internet—four out of five people use their smart phones to shop, wherein 70% of these searches lead to online action in an hour.

  1. Voice-Activated Search and Digital Assistance

The use of voice search is becoming prevalent as it offers convenience and allows multi-tasking. Voice-responsive digital assistants like Cortana, Google Now, and Siri are popular among teens. Fifty-seven percent of teens use it while talking to their friends, and 59% while watching TV.

Focus on the words and phrases in spoken searches and use it for keyword optimization.

  1. Local and Social Searches

Google has to know where you’re located so that your brand remains relevant and reaches your immediate market. Personalize your content to target your audience’s location, and with Google strengthening ties with Twitter, SEO also involves tweet optimization.

  1. Video Content

Videos keep your audience engaged as they comprise 62% of all Google searches across the world. Youtube, Vine, Facebook, and Snapchat, among other video apps, are contributing to the shift from written to video content. This means having videos in your content increases your organic page ranking.

Keep your company and brand competitive by focusing on these four SEO trends in 2016. Always remember how the digital realm is rapidly changing and you have to catch up to hold your rank and take it even higher.

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