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Three Elements that Make a Farewell Unique

Personalized headstoneA funeral is the last farewell you can give to a deceased loved one, and it should be more than just complying to religious traditions. Though there are some parts of the funeral that cannot be changed, there are elements you can customize to make it one your beloved will be proud of, if they were there to witness it all.

Personalized Headstone

A headstone is a marker for your loved one’s grave; it’s only right that it fits their personality. Some go for a solemn message for the deceased, while others inject some humor into the message to honor their lost loved one. HeadstonesĀ from Lindquist Mortuary and Cemeteries come in a variety of styles, too. Talk to your funeral arrangement provider in Ogden to know your customization options.

Unique Funeral Music

There’s no rule when it comes to funeral music, but traditional families would want it to be sincere and emotional. If your dearly departed has a unique music taste, however, you can go with music you think they would like. How about a few hits from their favorite singer? It’s not wrong to choose to uplift music if the deceased has talked about not wanting people to get emotional on their burial day. Though funerals are for the living to remember the dead, it doesn’t mean you should not honor the dead’s wishes.

Serene Resting Place

Not all cemeteries are alike. Some of them are located in the most secluded part of town, while others come with a carefully manicured lawn and isĀ a place even the living would consider serene. It doesn’t hurt to keep your beloved in a place where they can rest in peace, pun intended, and where you can also visit them without having to worry about the stress surrounding the place. Your dearly departed may not be able to speak, but if you know them well, you’ll know how they’d want their funeral and final resting place to be. Stay connected to them through honoring their wishes.
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