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4 Scrap Car Parts That Have Good Value

Scrap Car YardThe drive for recycling scrap cars instead of just abandoning them causing degradation to the environment continues to increase globally. Car recycling is the 16th largest industry in the U.S., where about 12 million cars are recycled every year by various car scrap facilities such as LKM Recycling. The industry also provides jobs for about 100,000 people and earns around $25 billion a year. About 80 percent of a vehicle may be recycled, and these recycled parts from junk vehicles comprise around 25 percent of new cars. If you want to help reduce waste and at the same time, earn money, learn about the scrap car parts that can be recycled, reused, and sold at a fair market value.

Car Glass

In the U.S, an estimated 15 million windshields are usually replaced annually, with most of them being disposed of in landfills because of the structure of the glass. Technological advancements, however, have made it possible to recycle automobile glass. Glass bottles and fiberglass insulation are two examples of recycled auto glass.

Scrap Metal

Car parts that make up this category include aluminum wheels and door handles. These are typically melted and used in another form by manufacturers.


Car shops are required to bring old batteries to recycling centers. This is to ensure that the toxic chemicals inside the battery will not end up contaminating the environment.

Engines and Transmissions

Technology has also made it possible to rebuild old and damaged engines with the resulting engines being more efficient and eco-friendly than the old versions. Scrap car parts are some of the best materials for the manufacture of new vehicles. So if you want to help the environment, do not let your old car get stuck in your garage; bring it to a recycling facility now.
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