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Think Outside the Cubicles: 3 Steps to a Creative Workspace

Contrary to what some people think, creativity isn’t just a valuable asset in “creative” industries, like fashion, advertising and film. It’s useful for all businesses. A creative team solves problems, innovates, and bursts with confidence and positivity—habits any business can very well benefit from. And the thing about creativity is the environment can easily prompt it. Your very office design can influence your employees into thinking outside the box. So, if you’re planning to redesign your space, keep creativity in mind with these tips:

Dedicate Breakout Areas

Breakout areas provide relief from work. And creative ideas are usually fermented in well-rested minds. So make sure that such zones in your office have stimulating design elements. It’s not enough to feature your branding and ensure quality in your office furniture; include furnishings that keep people inspired, recommends New Life Office. If possible, add beanbags, pod seating, or hammocks in your breakout areas.

Use Noise

That is ambient noise. Background noises in the office can foster creative thinking. It’s probably the reason many employees want to work in coffee shops, as the buzzing and humming of machines and occasional whispers of people give them a creative boost. Use acoustic panels in your office to keep sounds to a minimum.

Maximize Natural Light

Good lighting in the workplace isn’t just for better visibility. It also helps employees to be creative and productive as well. Natural light, specifically, stimulates the brain and allows the body to produce feel-good hormones. When your employees are in a good mood, it puts them in a better position to think innovatively. Consider adding floor-to-ceiling windows or glass materials in the office that can reflect more natural light in the space. Creativity is a trait your business needs. So, look around, how is your office design bringing out this valuable trait in your employees?
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