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The Sweet Role of Cherry Pickers in Cherry Farming

Cherries on a high treeHarvesting fruits is a genuinely challenging job. This is particularly the case when it comes to towering trees where most of the fruits are out of your reach. Good thing, companies make long-handled pickers to reach fruits from high areas. Such pickers, however, are not suitable for some harvesting tasks.

Cherries, for instance, must be handpicked. The job requires delicate care so as not to damage the precious, sweet fruits that have helped many British farmers benefit from the burgeoning industry.

Also, cherry picking demands extra care to prevent damage to the branches and the fruit spurs that will produce fresh cherries in the next season.

Cherry Pickers

Farmers use various types of access equipment to get the job done. Many of these machines and pieces of equipment are in use in industrial settings, but they also play a significant role in farming fruit trees.

Cherry pickers are an aerial work platform, which has a bucket attached to the end of a lifting system, most of the time hydraulic. They come in many nicknames such as hydra ladder, basket crane, man lift, work platform, and boom.

Most pickers mount on the back of a lorry or any large vehicle. Other types are on a flat bed or panel van. According to suppliers and rentals of cherry pickers here in Staffordshire, some farmers prefer self-propelled cherry pickers. This equipment attaches to a stand alone trailer or a self-moving platform.

Choosing pickers

The success of cherry harvesting mostly depends on your choice of cherry pickers. If you have the best machinery, your harvesters can pick the best fruit in the bunch comfortably and safely. This is why it pays to choose the right machine to buy or rent.

Before buying or renting a unit, make sure you rigorously test it to the industry’s standards. It also pays to make a deal with a company that complies with relevant health and safety regulations. Look for a reliable and licensed cherry picker supplier or rental to ensure you get only the best for your cherry picking job.

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