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3 Smart Marketing Tips For Your Next Book

Man sharing his writing via social mediaAre you a new author launching a new book soon?

One of the most confusing part of becoming a first-time published author is keeping track of royalties. If you’re managing your own royalties, consider getting a rights management solution platform for royalty accounting. It can help you save time and effort and give you a better quick look at how much you are earning. Before the royalties, however, you have to make a sale. Here are some smart marketing tips that can help you increase your readership: Use social media If you still haven’t used social media to promote your work, get into it fast. Remember that consumers always search online for new products and services before they make a purchase decision. Social media can be a good lead generation tool to help you gain new readers and increase the interest and buzz on your book. If you’re using social media for marketing, however, remember that it’s not enough to just post updates: you also need to engage your followers and fans in a conversation. Find influencers There are many perks to working with online influencers for your book. For instance, you can work with a top Instagrammer to promote your book online. Simply posting a selfie if the influencer with your new book before it becomes officially available in stores can generate a lot of buzzes. Working with online influencers allow you to take a slice from their massive following. Share the writing process This doesn’t mean that you should share your entire manuscript on your website. It just means giving your readers and followers a sneak peek into your writing process. Similar to how behind-the-scenes have become popular, readers also want to know what goes through your head. So share some tidbits, whether on social media or on your own website. It’s not enough that you write a book. You need to sell it. You need to market it well. Remember these tips and experiment with many marketing tactics that can help promote your new work.
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